The Boogii Family

Gender neutral kids' wear.
No big labels.
Minimalistic designs.
No statement prints.
Oversized fits.
High quality materials.
Limited drops.



As parents, we had the vision to create a children's fashion line with minimalistic designs, cool and modern streetwear silhouettes and a neutral, easily combinable colour-way throughout the whole collection - minus the labels, minus the big prints. This allows the children to explore their initial fashion senses by inspiring them to find their independent styles by customising their outfits through different matchings or even accessories. We want the children to grow up in the cleanest possible environment that encourages self awareness. Thus, including environmentally friendly means of production is a fundamental and natural part of Boogii. We therefore use 100% organic-cotton and abstain from any chemical dyeing methods. The clothes are gender neutral, meaning they are suitable for boys, girls and non binary children all at the same time. We see gender inclusivity as a further crucial aspect of Boogii’s foundation and an importing booming part of society’s development in general. Our pieces range from a relaxed over-sized look all the way to a true-to-size look. This is implemented so the clothing can "grow" with the children not only physically because they can be worn for years and shared amongst their siblings, but also mentally in the form of experiencing childhood memories in them, allowing the clothing to adopt whole new sentimental meanings.

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In addition to the design, we pay close attention that the materials are of high quality and consist of specific details. Our fabrics are constructed for everyday wear, so the quality of the pieces last a long time even with frequent cleaning and usage. Boogii will accompany you’re child/children through any possible activity and come out looking better with each wash!

We hope Boogii will have the honour of accompanying you and your family on the beautiful life journey of parenthood. We look forward to the depth and growth of our community, with the space for improvement along with your support!

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